Umbrella Co.


In late 2015, singer/songwriter Jon Shimmin and guitarist Harrison McClain -both recent imports to Rhode Island -  met at a now-defunct Providence bar to hash out the sound for Umbrella Co. The pair started work on a handful of songs before teaming up with bassist Keith Benjamin and playing a few shows around Providence.  After a few adjustments, Umbrella Co. became Shimmin, McClain, Chris Kelley (bass guitar) and James Toomey (drums).

With a hard to categorize sound in mind, “it’s kind of aggressive pop/rock meets luscious, chimey, happy depressing-sounding songs…,” McClain explains, the group has released its first EP, Initial.

Shimmin, who hails from Chicago, has been composing and recording music for a lot of years. He figured it was a good thing back in 2008 when he came across a YouTube video of some random guy covering Nothing Kills, one of the songs he’d written. In fact, Shimmin’s songwriting talent captured the ear of actor Peter Stormare in 2013, when Stormare asked him to cover a song for the 2014 album his record label was working on, Ramases: Complete Discography. Shimmin (recording as “Napolean” at the time), gathered an orchestra in his tiny Rogers Park apartment and recorded the piece to be used in the Tribute section of the album (Golden Landing). He continued recording as “Napoleon” until he teamed up with McClain. Since then, Shimmin’s song-writing style has morphed from a more “indie- with- impressive -orchestration-rock” to the hauntingly catchy style on the band’s debut album. 




Vocals, Guitar / Jon Shimmin
Guitar / Harrison McClain
Bass / Chris Kelley
Drums / James Toomey

Umbrellaco album 2500.jpg


by Umbrella Co.